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The Rebel

#TellMyMomImSorry , the scenematic new album, is available on iTunes, Google Music, and everywhere dopeness is sold. Buy this mugg.

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Music is therapeutic. It comes from this spot real deep inside that speaks on levels that words can rarely define. The dopest part is that music lets some of us use it as a weapon. It's a diary. It''s a therapy session. It's a battle cry. For eons, notes and poems have joined forces to tell stories of love, hope, hate, and lust. I've been blessed to be able to use these keyboards to convey all that to your earholes. 
Outfitted with an M-Audio Oxygen, an Akai MPK249, Bluebird and AudioTechnica microphones, Focusrite PreAmps, and a custom DAW Rig, there's a ton of sound that pours from this studio. Because this setup is genre agnostic, the output is always radio-ready, with options for true surround sound.

What I Do

    Remember Pen & Paper? Paint & Ink? It exists, and it's possible to create a truly unique design element that feels organic and alive.
    Need original music? How about a classically trained pianist composing the next big hit for you? ASCAP registered writer/composer is ready.
    A great song dies in the studio when it doesn't sound awesome in the listener's headphones. Get your project sounding as it should.
    We can help your company Accessibility laws through design and process implementation. It's not that hard- you just have to give a damn.
    Questions about Music History? Design? Accessibility? Heck yeah- we can help! Classes and Tutorials are available to help get you rolling.

Music. Art. Dopeness.

Meet Quen.
An MC, An artist, And writer of some pretty Great commentary on politics & hip hop culture. The brother sort of wrecks shop on my production for "Girl of my Dreams"- a monologue of one citizen seeking out the ever-elduing freedoms he's been promised. 
Soundtracks take the movie you're watching and wrap you into the story. Here, there are elements of Dubstep, Downtempo, and evil all rolled into a song that makes hell a fun place to free run. There may be "no god here, today, Merrick...," but there are most certainly awesome basslines.

The power of Bass Compells you.
Much of what you hear can be pursuaded with imagery. How often have you heard a song and immediately linked it to a moment or event? Sometimes, it makes a terrible song wonderful. Other times, it makes the song more valuable. Behold, the power of suggestion!
In the images above, some savy mind control techniques were used to bring more value to songs produced for various projects. Cover Art and inserts are a part of a good marketing push. And yes, this service is available for you.
  1. The #34 is magic. So is this logo.
    I've always seen the number 34 as a sign of unwaivering determination. The greatest athletes in sports have used this number. This logo was created in commemoration to Wendell Scott, the first Black NASCAR driver.
  2. Punchy cover art.
    You only get one shot to get a 'click' on a song you've made. Posting to SoundCloud, ReverbNation, and YouTube isn't enough. This image pops in a way that compels at least some focus.
  3. Managing Director
    A photo of a fallout shelter, a plague doctor mask, and other elements were used to create this cover.
  4. Managing Director
    Posed and photographed a molotov cocktail, painted and labeled with the Rebel One logo.
  5. Managing Director
    Used actual Xray of my impacted teeth to create the imagery for the album. Tinted and diagramed in the style of a sterile, fluorescent-lit environment.
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